Our aim is to drive the adoption of blockchain

and cryptocurrency across insurance

IXT was founded in 2017 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and technologists with experience in fintech and insurtech. Collectively they spent decades successfully building global solutions, marketplaces and businesses in various industries.


IXT delivers products that focus on the usage and adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the insurance industry.

IXT Protect Membership

Stake and receive unique benefits, bonus rewards, voting authority and an opportunity to support the growth of a self powering ecosystem.

Partner Companies


Mobile cryptocurrency payment and transfer app with the aim of driving mass adoption of cryptocurrency through quick, easy and secure navigation.


Compass underwriting agency facilitates our insurance services and is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Self Insurance Market

SIM provides a ecosystem for self insurance and captive organisations.

Working with

Aimed at insurance and demanding industrial customers, industry insider call it “the fastest growing brokerage network in the world”.
Paragon International Insurance Brokers Ltd is a leading, independently-owned insurance broker.
Delivers reinsurance solutions to the Life/Health and Property/Casualty insurance industries.

IXT Token

IXT is an utility token based on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20).

The token has primarily found its use in reward, commission and staking programs so far. Further use cases are being explored. Read more…


We provide solutions that use blockchain technology. We are agnostic in our blockchain implementation and use Ethereum, Stellar, Corda and others depending on the needs. We complement blockchain with React and Node to provide a full stack capable of meeting the most demanding of environments.

We favour lightweight and cost-effective hosting and all our deployments utilise the Lambda framework and Serverless on AWS.


Monthly Update July 2019

July has seen another raft of features being completed. User management, CreditSafe integration and security have been delivered end to end. Our Quorum blockchain environment has been installed and configured and is now running. The next step is to start the...

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Monthly Update June 2019

June has been an exciting month full of activity, mainly focusing on the IRX infrastructure and foundation. Based on the detailed design put down during the previous month, development has started. Core functionality such as the sign in and account management is the...

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