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Current uses of IXT

IXT Protect

Designed for the crypto community, IXT Protect offers protection services, loyalty rewards,  and an opportunity to receive invitation rewards and voting rights for contributing to the ecosystem. Further products and features will be added to support the growth of the ecosystem.

  • Travel Crisis Protection
  • Earn rewards through staking or inviting new members
  • Voting benefits within the ecosystem
  • Additional benefits and features will be added


Mobile cryptocurrency payment and transfer app with the aim of driving mass adoption of cryptocurrency through quick, easy and secure navigation. The PayRue wallet allows you to purchase and make payments with our supported cryptocurrencies.

  • Easy and fast transactions
  • Store, transfer and pay
  • Secure and safe
  • Low commission
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Upcoming uses of IXT


The company is developing platforms to enable efficient collaboration and data sharing amongst networks of insurance professionals and companies across the insurance life cycle.

Self Insurance Market

Access solutions for a complex and growing market, connect directly
with specialist providers and submit and manage simplified RFQ.

Where IXT is traded


A full-year summary of 2018

GenRe SelfInsuranceMarket  Blockchain Insurance marketplace  UnisonSteadfast  IXT Protect  iXLedger B2B Marketplace People After our token sale, we were part of the booming crypto market and the surge to new heights. In the beginning of 2018 we were...

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IXT Protect – Use crypto for your protection

We are delighted to announce IXT Protect, the new product from IXT Ltd. IXT Protect is designed for the crypto community and focuses on its unique needs with tailored features that allow members to be part of an ecosystem and receive personal protection,...

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