IXT update

We continue to explore the possibilities of using IXT in a range of use cases and we are pleased to report that we believe we’ve got some exciting news in the pipeline, with positive feedback on a new application. There are a few final hurdles to cross, but all being well, we hope to announce more details of this in our next update.

Although another white paper was originally planned, we want to get focused on real change and given the fact that we have a great opportunity around the corner that follows our current white paper, we feel this is no longer needed. We will officially release an update if we feel that there is a need to revisit the white paper in the future.  

On the communications side, we have created a new Telegram community channel – IXT Global – for our future communications with our members. All members who have a username will be added to this channel from the switch over date of 23 November. We will directly message those who do not have a username to invite them to the new group. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

This move enables us to have direct ownership of our community communication channel which is not the case currently, as the existing channel was created by an external agency prior to our ICO. It will also address the sign up issues that some users have experienced recently.

The current telegram will be muted on 23 November, with all content remaining visible in order to allow access to historical communications and information.


Thank you for being part of our community and supporting us. To help us understand our members’ investment goals and communication preferences, we would be very grateful if you would complete our one minute anonymous short survey. Thank you!  

iXledger update

Now that our new Chairman Sally is on board, our senior executives have been having detailed discussions about the company’s strategy and the challenges and opportunities which exist. There has been a lot of development in the InsurTech sector since our launch so it is appropriate to review our position in this evolving marketplace.

Meanwhile, we are in early discussions with a new insurance organisation about the potential to use blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of their claims operations and customer claims experience. Having presented our ideas, we have been invited to attend a workshop next week to discuss the scope of a potential proof of concept. We believe this is a very strong use case and are hoping that this will proceed positively.

We would also like to update you all on some organisational changes. We have made a few changes since we started in terms of our directorship structure. Mikael Olofsson, Co-Founder, is fully focused on IXT Limited and heads up all activities related to the IXT token. Cristina Dolan, Co-Founder is still focused in the groups operations and developments in the US. After a brief stint we parted ways with Ian Fulton, CFO. We both felt that our scale and type of operations didn’t justify a senior executive in this area just yet. Ingemar Svensson, our CEO is involved in all areas of the business. Together with Sally Coryn their combined deep experience in technology and insurance bodes well for the future.

We will issue further updates on both topics in our next posting.

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