IXT update

We have made great progress and our focus is on the development of our B2C offering. We are in the process of arranging service and insurance products which will form the basis for the value proposition. Also, the Ethereum smart contracts are designed and implementation is underway. The survey results below have helped us with the direction we have taken, and we hope it will offer the features and benefits the community mostly seek and can contribute to. Over the next couple of weeks, we will announce further details of this product and our progress.

As announced in our previous update, our new telegram group ‘IXT Global’ is now live and we will continue official communications in the new group. If you are not yet a member, you can join here.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to answer our anonymous survey. This survey was the first step of getting to know our token holders better. The responses have been very interesting and helpful and we thought it would be interesting to share some of the results below.

Q: What is your investment horizon for IXT?

Q: What would be the best use to you for IXT?

We are pleased that IXT has finally been listed on the Indian crypto exchange Bitbns and we hope that it will lead to increased activity in this region.

iXledger update

As part of our B2B solution we will require permissioned blockchains. We have been exploring and comparing different technologies such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda and Digital Asset Platform with the specific attention on their different privacy features. So far both Corda and Digital Asset Platform are suitable contenders as they were created for businesses, enterprises and financial institutions which sits well with our requirements.

We are currently creating a simple marketplace prototype in Corda, in order to verify that the technology can meet our requirements. We are releasing this as open source, and will continue building on this.

Further updates

We have decided that, as we are very busy focused on delivery of our various work-streams, it would be more productive for us to provide updates on a monthly basis in future, rather than bi-weekly. This will ensure that we maintain our effectiveness whilst still maintaining communication about our progress. However, if we have any particular exciting news to share, then we will of course instantly update the community via our media channels and telegram.

In conclusion, we would like to say that this is a crucial time for the company and we believe that all the efforts so far are generating interesting developments and business opportunities.

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