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1 year ago.

We are delighted to announce IXT Protect, the new product from IXT Ltd.

IXT Protect is designed for the crypto community and focuses on its unique needs with tailored features that allow members to be part of an ecosystem and receive personal protection, rewards and voting rights.

IXT Protect Benefits

    • Travel Crisis Protection – basic level cover for all members.
    • Loyalty reward – loyalty rewards are paid every 90 days.
    • Invitation reward – invite your family and friends through your invitation link.
    • Voting rights – members are able to vote for reward levels and product direction.
    • Medical protection add-on – can be purchased using IXT. (Price and further details to be announced soon)

View the full details here.

IXT Protect will offer more insurance and protection products to support further interaction and growth of the ecosystem, powered by the IXT utility token.

How to join IXT Protect?

Apply in a minute by filling in a KYC form. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your account.

We are excited to announce it within our community and we are accepting pre-registrations now. You can sign up hereAs we are keen to encourage sign ups we will award the first 100 users with 200 IXT.

We are scheduled to be fully active after 1 week of pre-registrations.



Furthermore we are thrilled to announce that IXT is a utility token in the new PayRue mobile cryptocurrency payment and transfer app. The aim of PayRue is to drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrency through quick, easy and secure navigation and easy payment solutions. PayRue will also feature insurance products through collaboration with IXT.

Users who pay commission using IXT benefit from a 50% discount. PayRue will share the income generated from the IXT commission equally with IXT Ltd to support further developments of the ecosystem.

The PayRue wallet allows you to purchase and make payments with our supported cryptocurrencies. It is based on the Stellar network and offers you optimal safety by using secure software development lifecycle with separate secure crypto nodes, encrypted data transfers and further security features that gives you peace of mind for storing and transferring your cryptocurrency.

The app is currently available in Google Play Store and Apple Store in EU, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, South Korea and Japan and supported by a web app.


Thank you IXT Community from the whole team!

We believe this is the beginning of a very exciting journey for IXT and it’s community and we appreciate the support we have received from everyone to date.

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