Monthly Update April 2019

8 months ago.

April has mainly seen a focus on planning and working on our new whitepaper. The whitepaper specifies IX Exchange, our insurance marketplace. We have also released the full integration with PayRue, where users can use IXT for commission payment and staking, which gives them membership of IXT Protect.

The next version IXT Protect is being worked on, and we will release it in week. It will accept IXT staking and fiat payment as a membership fee and include a few fixes.

The new whitepaper

Our new revision of the IXT whitepaper will not following the typical structure but rather focus on the product functionality. Topics such as financials, token sale and team will not be discussed at length again.

The following will be included:

The market. This section gives the reason why IX Exchange is developed, and who the different categories of users are and how they benefit.

Use cases. We will specify a complete list of real use cases, specifying features, UX designs and flows. This will be an actual functional specification to build from.

Technology. This section describes what our technology stack is and the high level architecture. We have evaluated a number of different blockchain implementations and possible ways to integrate the ERC-20 token as well as data privacy features.

Roadmap. An updated roadmap that gives estimates and milestones.

Office relocation

We are moving into Level 39 in Canary Wharf, ideally suited for both us and PayRue. Level 39 is a hub of fintech startups in the centre of the financial district.