Monthly Update July 2019

3 months ago.

July has seen another raft of features being completed. User management, CreditSafe integration and security have been delivered end to end. Our Quorum blockchain environment has been installed and configured and is now running. The next step is to start the implementation of the insurance lifecycle.

Of course, the blockchain components form the most interesting part of the platform, which we will refer to as the IRX Ledger from now on. As mentioned, we have selected Quorum from JP Morgan which is based on Ethereum and is set up as a consortium blockchain.

We are also very excited about going through a rebranding exercise which will see a new website and revamped social media pages. We are also improving our digital marketing tool setup to prepare for growth during the autumn.

The purpose of this is of course to make IXT more appealing to new members and make sure we have the right setup for the future. As we are getting ready with the platform, we will have the foundation to provide the resources needed for a commercial rollout as well.

We are making great progress and will keep you all posted!

The IXT team