Progress Status End Sep 2019

2 months ago.

We would like to announce a slight delay in our first IRX release due to a couple of unforeseen circumstances. We have made tremendous progress on a number of fronts, but we still have some UI functionality to complete.

The main challenge we’re up against is the shared teams with PayRue. Our recent announcement of our own crypto exchange as well as general business as usual work has pulled resources away at times.

In general, there is an intense activity in the IRX project so it will be fine.

We anticipate another 2-3 weeks to resolve the UI functionality and some of the IXT payment issues related to cross chain transactions required due to Quorum. In the meantime, we will keep you apprised of the progress.

Given the previous hiccups in general to deliver this, we hope that this won’t cause too much disappointment.

In parallel, we are also starting to explore commercial partnerships and ways to getting some customers interested in using IRX. For this, a demonstrable product is important, so we are keen to get a first version ready.