IXT Protect features and benefits

IXT Protect is the new product from IXT Ltd that offers protection services for its community. By joining you benefit from the opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem and receive loyalty rewards, invitation rewards and voting rights. 



As a member of IXT Protect, you are able to contribute to the ecosystem and get rewarded. The product will evolve where more benefits and features will be added, as well as more technology to support its processes. IXT Protect is open to anyone except for citizens in certain sanctioned countries. To sign up you will need to go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) application and deposit a stake.


IXT Protect Features


Join our membership by filling in a simple application form. It will only take a minute or so and you can access your account later to update your details.


To join IXT Protect, a minimum stake of 1000 IXT is required. The stake gives rights and rewards which are there to support the success of the IXT ecosystem. The stake has a minimum lock-in period of 90 days and can be withdrawn after that at anytime. If the stake is kept beyond 90 days loyalty rewards are paid subsequently every 90 days.

  • The minimum stake is 1000 IXT and the stake can vary in size
  • Different loyalty rewards are paid depending on the size of the stake:

1000 IXT

Loyalty Reward:

100 IXT

5000 IXT

Loyalty Reward:

500 IXT

10000 IXT

Loyalty Reward:

1000 IXT

  • Minimum staking period is 90 days
  • After each period of 90 days, the loyalty reward is paid
  • If the stake is withdrawn before the 90 day period is complete, the loyalty reward for that period will not be paid
  • You can only withdraw the whole stake which will terminate your membership
  • If you wish to re-enter the program, you do not have to go through the application process as long as you are using the same wallet address


IXT Protect Benefits

  • 24/7 Assistance Hotline
  • Emergency Message Transmission
  • Legal Referrals
  • Medical & Dental Referrals
  • Lost Document Advice & Assistance
  • Access to interpreters
  • Country Risk Ratings & Summaries
  • Emergency Relocation
  • Response to: Violent Crime, Political Threats, Terrorism, Kidnap for Ransom, Blackmail or Extortion, Wrongful Detention, Hi-Jacking, Disappearance of Persons & Natural Disasters


Github repository

The IXT Protect software is open sourced and hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/ixt-tech

We have based the applications on React and Node and host the server on AWS Lambda and Serverless, following a micro-service architecture approach. This allows us to move quickly, and extend our functionality easily.

In order to access the staking dApp, you need to have MetaMask installed or using the Brave browser with the Ethereum account you registered with IXT Protect.

MetaMask: https://metamask.io/
Brave: https://brave.com/

All products and services are paid for using IXT, the insurance utility token.

IXT Protect address: 0xA397CE97Fe3Ace26C0916a8F1a4b4CD536f92354

Support: support@ixt.global

Account user guide: https://www.ixt.global/ixt-protect-member-account-guide/