IXT Protect Membership – contribute to the community and get rewards and unique benefits

IXT Protect is a membership for token holders

As an IXT Protect member you get additional benefits, earn rewards and a say in the development of the ecosystem. To sign up you will need to go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) application and deposit an IXT stake.

Features and benefits

  • Vote on future direction and initiatives
  • Get rewarded by helping the community grow
  • Staking IXT for a fixed amount of time
  • Membership benefits include:
    • Emergency Relocation
    • Access to interpreters
    • Response to Violent Crime, Political Threats, Terrorism, Kidnap for Ransom, Blackmail or Extortion, Wrongful Detention, Hi-Jacking, Disappearance of Persons & Natural Disasters and more.

More benefit packages to follow

Our community

IXT token holders

Holding IXT? Want to contribute and get rewarded? Planning to travel? 

As a valued token holder you might want to get rewarded for holding the token or by helping the IXT community to grow. As a cryptocurrency investor, you are also facing unique risks which as a member of IXT Protect, we aim to mitigate.



Invite your friends and family and earn rewards

You would like others to join IXT Protect and gain access to the range of benefits available. Invitations awards are easy to earn. 

How it works

Making invitations is simple, send your unique link found in your account page to your friends and family. Once they successfully register for IXT Protect and activate their account, then you will receive 200 IXT.