Disrupting insurance through blockchain technology.

We’re leading insurance into the future with secure and dedicated blockchain based technlogy.

Blockchain for the insurance industry.

Achieve transparency, efficiency and automation.

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We develop insurance solutions
based on blockchain.
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Our token.

The IXT token is used for commissions and rewards and is traded on a number of exchanges.
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Frictionless and unified commissions and rewards with the IXT token.

The IXT Token provides a simple and powerful way for our solutions to charge commissions and handle rewards and payments, whilst avoiding bank fees and FX fluctuations.

Future opportunities to tokenize insurance policies and the associated value transfers are being explored.


IRX provides businesses with commercial insurance and handles the full lifecycle of a policy. As a digital ecosystem of insurance providers it will cater for a variety of insurance needs facing small and medium sized companies.

IRX is currently being developed and is planned to be ready for beta trials in Q4 2019.

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