Our solutions are based on blockchain technology and we focus on where it is best suited within the insurance industry.

IRX – The digital distribution platform for commercial insurance

IRX is our risk exchange where companies can find and manage the commercial insurance they need. For insurance providers, IRX is an efficient, digital distribution channel where they can reach a wide audience.

IRX is based on the Quorum blockchain and utilises IXT for commissions.

Risk Assessment

We use powerful third-party data sources to enrich the company record which assists in the risk assessment process.

Distributed Ledger

The IRX insurance lifecycle is implemented in our distributed ledger, providing transparency, efficiency and automation.

Professional Network

Join a virtual network of insurance companies and service providers and find partners and opportunities.

IXT Protect – Protection and staking for the community of holders

IXT Protect is created to support our community and ecosystem and includes travel crisis protection, staking and rewards.

Travel Crisis Protection

Response to Violent Crime, Political Threats, Terrorism, Kidnap, Blackmail or Extortion, Wrongful Detention, Hi-Jacking, Natural Disasters and more.

Staking Rewards

Get rewarded when joining IXT Protect. Every 90 days you receive tokens as a loyalty reward.

The Community

By joining IXT Protect, you will support the token holder community. Membership gives you voting rights in the future direction of the project.

Advantage through blockchain

How can blockchain help with efficiency improvement?

Blockchain can help you to reduce data reconciliation and increase your level of automation with smart contracts.

How can blockchain help with information sharing?

The multiple participants in a claim process for example are guaranteed to see the same information which reduces the risk of disputes.

How can blockchain help with audit and transparency?

All changes to data are stored as blocks and cannot be altered. This gives you an indisputable record of change which can be used for audit purposes.

Be the first to know

Roughly once a month we will send you relevant industry updates and keep you updated on developments around our IXT token and the upcoming IRX platform.