IXT Token

IXT Utilities


You can stake IXT token in the IXT Protect ecosystem by depositing an amount chosen by you for a period of time and in return you receive a service or reward. 

Those who wish to join the ecosystem by staking their chosen IXT amount can do so here: https://www.ixt.global/ixt-protect-sign-up/

If you are an existing member you can log in into your account at: https://staking.ixt.global/account

All existing IXT Protect members have access to the new version. You can sign in to your new account by using your email and your Ethereum address as password.

Member account guide: https://www.ixt.global/ixt-protect-member-account-guide/

Commission payments
As a digital token IXT lends itself to be used for access of a product or service. Our first live use case is to pay for commission in PayRue, a new cryptocurrency payment app. By using IXT, PayRue offers a 50% discount in commission.

Download the PayRue app


Voting rights
In some ecosystems such as IXT Protect, the token will give you voting rights that enable the community to get involved. The right is given to anyone who is a member of IXT Protect and staking IXT.
IXT is used as a reward mechanism for various activities that benefit the ecosystem. It is a very convenient way to remove the need of fiat payments. In IXT Protect, we reward members for inviting others.

Where IXT is traded